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CIK Announces Assistant/ Goaltender Coach


The Central Indiana Knights are pleased to add J.T. Funk to our coaching staff. J.T. will join us as an Assistant Coach with his primary focus being on our goaltender development.


J.T. Funk is excited to join the Central Indiana Knights coaching staff and brings 35 years of hockey experience as a player and coach. J.T. began playing hockey in Indianapolis at the age of three. As a youth he played multiple seasons with the Indianapolis Racers before joining the Cathedral Chatard Hockey Club where he served as captain for four years. After graduating from Bishop Chatard High School in 2001, J.T. played for St. Louis University during his freshman year of college, and after transferring to IU Bloomington, he played for their hockey club while wrapping up his undergraduate degree.


In 2013 J.T. began coaching mite hockey for the FYHA. He has since coached various age groups of AA and A travel hockey. J.T. has focused his coaching on age-appropriate skills, and on goaltender development by paying particular attention to the role goalies play on teams and how coaches can best develop them through proper integration of goalie-specific work in practices. He also places an emphasis on pre and post-routines and developing a “game-ready” mentality. J.T. is excited to bring his years of experience as a coach and hockey player to the Central Indiana Knights to help our team excel on and off the ice.


When not at the rink, J.T. is a partner and founding member of the law firm Waldron Tate Bowen Funk Spandau LLC where he practices construction law and general business services and litigation, advising and representing contractors, developers, and larger construction industry companies. Prior to becoming a Lawyer, J.T. was a high school English teacher and Department Chair at Bishop Chatard.


J.T. is a great addition to our coaching staff.  Welcome to the team!


Rob Pozzebon

Head Coach

Central Indiana Knights

CIK Announces Varsity Roster

We are happy to announce the following roster for the 2021/22 Central Indiana Knights Hockey Team!


Charlie Edmondson Sr                    AJ Einterz Sr

 Samuel Greffet Sr                            Zach Handzel Sr    

Micah Zile Sr                                       Will McCormick Jr

Mason Cramer Jr                              Luke Fitzpatrick Jr

Max Goodburn Jr                             Lukas Kress Jr

Ryan Mackie Jr                                  Andrew Pozzebon Jr

Jack Bedich So                                   Grant Goodburn So

Joe Jennings So                                 Max Johns So

James Supernaw So                        Carter Swart So

CJ Koenig Fr                                        Ryan Daun Jr


Coaching Staff

Rob Pozzebon – Head Coach

Dan Dufek – Assistant Coach

Brad Farrar – Assistant Coach


This team will begin playing in the Fall of 2021. The Junior Varsity roster will be announced shortly.


Congratulations to each of these players for their effort at tryout as well as their continuing support of the Knights program.


Rob Pozzebon

Head Coach

Central Indiana Knights

CIK JV Coach Announcement

The Central Indiana Knights will again join forces with the Zionsville Hockey Club to form a Junior Varsity team for the 2021-22 hockey season. We are pleased to announce that Alex Moyer will be the Head Coach. Alex is a Zionsville High School Alum who has been playing hockey since 1992. While his coaching experience has been solely spent with the Indy Jr. Fuel, Alex is excited to be the Head Coach for The Northside Hockey Club. He brings with him years of experience from being both a player and coach, as well as being a fan of the sport of hockey. When Alex isn’t coaching, you can find him running his business Vivid Automotive, spending time with his wife and their two dogs, and playing in his many men’s hockey leagues.


Carmel Ice Skadium and Arctic Zone Protocols Update 12-3-20

To all Teams,


Effective 12/3 - In compliance with The Hamilton County Health Department building access and program procedures:

1.Each team must provide a spectator list of no more than 25 spectators per team with names and phone numbers for contract tracing.

2.Travel and high school teams please share this information with your visiting teams as they are subject to the same policy

3.Lists must be submitted prior to spectators entering the building. We will have a table in the front lobby for check-in.


Covid-19 Protocol – Carmel Ice Skadium & Arctic Zone

Below you will find our most up to date COVID safety protocols for all events. Every person entering the building must pre-screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone exhibiting symptoms is not allowed to enter the building. The rink reserves the right to deny access to any individual showing symptoms.

1. Do not enter the rink or team event if you or your player has any of the following symptoms: Sore throat, Cough, Chills, Body aches, Shortness of breath, Loss of smell or taste, Fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Face coverings are required by all individuals in all rink locations unless you are on the ice during activity or eating/drinking in a designated area

3. Players and Coaches

A. Please do not enter the rink until 15 minutes prior to ice session in order to allow for proper spacing and cleaning between games

B. Locker rooms may be accessed 15 minutes before and must leave 20 minutes after games only. There is no access to shower or bathrooms in the locker rooms.

C. Face coverings are required at all times in locker rooms

D. When possible, players should arrive with most equipment already on.

E. Bring your own clearly labeled and filled water bottle. The rink will not be able to fill water bottle for team water bottles this season. There are no Drinking fountains)

F. There will be no handshakes, hugs or tight group gathering on the ice before or after the game. Physical distancing must be maintained at all times when the players are not competing.

G. Coaches will wear face masks at all times


4. Spectators

A. There will be a total of 25 spectators permitted to enter the arena per team per game. (The 25 spectators are above and beyond the players, coaches, and manager).

B. We highly encourage only necessary spectators during events.

C. High School Games No Student Spectators Allowed at this time.

D. Spectators may enter the rink 5 minutes before the start of the game.

E. Please Exit the rink as soon as your game ends. After the game please pick up your player outside the rink. This is to ensure the lowest number of people in the rink at a given time.

F. Individuals must observe social distancing guidelines in all spaces including lobby, hallways, next to glass, and in parking lots. (Suggestion, stand along the glass and watch a game.

G. Please do not enter closed areas of the rink.


Floyd Johnson

General Manager

Zotec Partners Carmel Ice Skadium

IYHA Covid-19 Update

IYHA Jr Fuel Members and Friends,

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. As most of you know, Governor Holcomb issued a new order with regard to COVID 19 that went into effect today (11/15/2020). 

Since all of our rinks are located in Hamilton County, which is currently designated as “Orange”, one aspect of the order will affect our current operations. Starting tomorrow, a maximum of one parent/guardian per skater are allowed in the rink for practices and two will be allowed in for games. This will be strictly enforced by rink staff. Our venues will now be under more stringent surveillance by local health authorities. In order to keep our kids on the ice, we must comply!

We would also like to remind you of a few policies that have not changed but will be emphasized for the safety of our families. 

  • Everybody is required to wear a face covering in the rinks. The only people allowed to take it off are players while they are on the ice. Coaches are required to wear a mask at all times. Players must wear a face covering during indoor off-ice training.

  • Do not enter the building more than 15 minutes before your game or practice. Please dress at home to avoid close contact in the locker rooms. The locker room is where a majority of our exposures leading to team quarantines have originated.

  • Spectators must remain outside the building until 5 minutes before the scheduled event. If your child needs help with equipment, please have it done before entering the building. 

  • No gathering in the lobby after your event. Parents/guardians must exit immediately and wait for your player outside. 

  • If your player or an immediate family member are experiencing even the mildest symptoms, STAY HOME. 

  • If your player tests positive or has had confirmed exposure (see CDC contact tracing guidelines), you must notify your coach or team manager immediately. If a team is exposed, they will be shut down from all activities for the required time period. 

Thank you for your cooperation. We all need to do our part so we can keep our players and families safe and on the ice.

Derek Edwardson 

Knights Win 2-1 vs South Stars